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At the Vineyard, we think life is lived best with Jesus at its center. Some of us are far from that center, others might be closer. Some might be speeding toward Jesus while others take a more cautious approach. Whatever your place on the journey, you are welcome at the Vineyard. 


Worshiping Together

On Sunday morning we start meeting at 10:15pm or so for fellowship, light snacks, and good coffee. Then at 10:30 we turn to worship. After a few songs, we take a short break for parents to drop their kids off in their classes where they get to engage with God on their own terms while adults hear a sermon in the sanctuary. We end with a few more worship songs and a time for anyone who wants to to come forward and be prayed for. When a month has a fifth Sunday, we celebrate community with a potluck meal together in place of our regular service!



Experiencing God in worship is a central value of the Vineyard and people worship in a variety of ways. Some raise their hands and move with the music while others stand or sit quietly. If you would like to get a taste of what worship is like the Vineyard, check out the video below!




We believe the Gospel really is 'good news!' Sunday morning teachings at the Vineyard are biblically-grounded and Jesus-focused. Like Jesus, we talk a lot about the Kingdom of God - the idea that through Jesus God is bringing heaven down to earth, making it possible for us to live our most abundant lives under the reign and rule of Jesus. And since God communicates this to people in a variety of ways, we value a variety of teaching voices. On any given Sunday, you might hear a sermon from one of our pastoral team or other leaders gifted in teaching. On the fifth Sunday of the month (when there is one), we forgo our regular sermon for a short homily heard over a community meal (which tends to be an amazing breakfast potluck!). 


Kid’s Church: Nursery to 5th Grade

Kingdom Kids @ The Vineyard

Our basic value for Kingdom Kids is that kids are just as much a part of the body of Christ as adults. They don't receive a mini Holy Spirit or have to wait to grow up before following Jesus with all their heart, mind and soul. You can read more about what kids do in our church here. 

On Sunday afternoons we have two classes: Pre-School (2-pre-K) and Elementary (K-5th grade). All of our volunteers are trained to safely interact with kids in engaging and fun ways. Most have kids of their own in the classes. Background checks are mandatory for volunteers. We also have a nursery room for self-use by mothers with younger kids who need a break from the regular service. 

Our kids stay with us during opening worship and are dismissed at around 4:25. Kids can be checked into kids' church at our check-in kiosk in the lobby anytime before dismissal. You'll get an ID label for your child and one for yourself. Then drop them off at their classrooms during the break. When the service is over, just head to the class to pick them up with your matching label.


Ministry and Prayer

At the Vineyard, we value talking to God in lots of forms and we believe that if we're open and listening, God talks back. That could be in the silent prayers of our hearts, or through other people speaking into our lives. We also believe that if we open ourselves to God, big miraculous things can happen, including physical and spiritual healing. That's why every service ends with a time for people to be prayed for by our ministry team, people trained to pray sensitively with you about whatever God might be doing in your life.