Kingdom Kids @ The Vineyard!


We would like to welcome you to Kingdom Kids at the Vineyard! We are so honored to be able to spend time with your children and share with them. We hope your kids find the Vineyard to be a fun and secure place to learn about God’s love and the exciting, adventurous plan he has for their lives. Our children’s leadership team is here to serve you, so please feel free to talk with one of our teachers or send us an email if you have questions or needs!

Check In and Security

Before the service gets started, come to the foyer and visit our kids' check-in kiosk. We'll collect some basic information and print a label for you and your child as part of our system for making sure kids are checked in and out of kids' church securely. 

Sunday Service and Kids’ Church

Our Sunday Service starts with worship in the sanctuary. Having our children with us during worship allows them to see us worshiping God with all our hearts. Kids are also free to sit, dance, or play instruments down front as they worship the Lord in their own special ways. For little ones who might get a little antsy, coloring book and crayons are available in the foyer. 

After worship, we ask that you escort your children to their kids’ church classroom and drop them off. After the service ends, please return to the classroom to pick up your child. The teacher will check your label and be sure it matches your child's check in label. 

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers make Kingdom Kids work! Most are long-term church members who have kids or grandkids in the ministry themselves. Others simply love ministering to kids. To ensure a safe environment, there are always at least two volunteers with the children at all times in each class and our volunteers undergo criminal background checks. 

We are always eager to meet new potential volunteers for kids’ church. If you would like to learn more about serving, please email our children’s ministry coordinator at

What goes on in here?

We do our best to keep kids active and engaged as they hear about the good news of Jesus’ love for them. On any given Sunday, we might play games, hear stories and object lessons, learn memory verses, play on the playground, make a craft, hear from a puppet friend, engage in a service project, or learn about how kids live in another part of the world.


We do our best to encourage good behavior in our classes with praise and rewards. However, if a child’s behavior becomes a problem, the child will first be verbally warned, and second put in ‘time out’ in a chair in the classroom (but never removed from the room). If poor behavior persists, we will contact you in church using your parent alert number or through your cell phone to come and pick up your child early.


Our Coordinators

MeChelle Hall serves as coordinator for the K-5th grade class.

Bethany Hart Rizer serves as coordinator for the Nursery and 2-pre-K classes. 

Brent Henderson serves as director of kids' ministry programs. 

We look forward to serving you and your children!


Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 

And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. --Matthew 18:4-5