Vineyard-Shaped People

Mike Raburn shares his first message as the Gainesville Vineyard's new Lead Pastor, laying out a way to think about our church and mission in the city. [NOTE: the first 3-4 minutes of the sermon were not recorded. We apologize for the inconvenience!]

Repotting and Replanting

Randy Gideons shares a word of encouragement for the Gainesville Vineyard as we search for a new lead pastor. 

What is Our Calling?

Chris Cahall from the St. Pete Vineyard shares a message of encouragement for the Gainesville Vineyard. 

Staying in Our Story

Brent Henderson shares about the importance of staying in God's story in all we do, warning against falling into the false narratives that many things in the world are built on. 

Why Gainesville need the Vineyard

Arty Hart shares his reflections on what makes the Vineyard distinct and why God's not done with the Gainesville Vineyard. 

Windshield 2017

Arty Hart shares personal reflections on the Vineyard and our decision to hire a new lead pastor in 2017. If you call the Vineyard home and missed it, please listen!