Pentecost Sunday

Michael Raburn shares a message on Pentecost and its meaning for the church and the Gainesville Vineyard. 

The Jesus Eraser, part 9

Michael Raburn shares in the last part of our Jesus Eraser series on the story of Job and what it teaches us. 

The Jesus Eraser, part 7

Preaching from Job, Michael shares how the theology of Job's friends is alive and well today and how we must put our faith in Jesus alone. 

The Jesus Eraser, Part 1

Michael Raburn shows how the book of Job contrasts with and points us to the theology of Jesus and the radical image of God he presents. 

Imagining God

Jared Boyd shares on how our image of God affects how we live in the world and treat one another. 

A Safe Space

Michael Raburn shares how our church community must be a safe space for honest sharing and honest questions. 

Eat the Meat

Brent Henderson shares in our Vineyard DNA series on living in the 'radical middle' as we learn and practice the Kingdom life. 

Embracing Conflict

Michael Raburn shares on how true community requires honestly and lovingly facing conflict rather than avoiding it. 

Telling the Truth

Michael Raburn shares how becoming people who tell each other the truth is crucial for the DNA of our community.