Goodbye to 8th Ave.

A time to say goodbye to our 8th Ave location 'The Mission' as we anticipate moving to our new church location this week.

Revelation: Decentering

Michael Raburn shares from the book of Revelation of how we must de-center ourselves and put Jesus at the center of our reading of Scripture - as well as at the center of our spiritual journey. 

Pentecost Sunday

Michael Raburn shares a message on Pentecost and its meaning for the church and the Gainesville Vineyard. 

The Jesus Eraser, part 9

Michael Raburn shares in the last part of our Jesus Eraser series on the story of Job and what it teaches us. 

The Jesus Eraser, part 7

Preaching from Job, Michael shares how the theology of Job's friends is alive and well today and how we must put our faith in Jesus alone.